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Optimize Media Solution

History: Optimize Media Solution was founded in 2010 by Mr. Vikas Vinayak in Ludhiana, Punjab india. Our objective has always been to build up brands and do the kind of advertising that sells. And we’re proud to say that we practice what we preach.Our portfolio boasts of some of the best brands and all our work is created by the freshest minds making it tough to beat.
Philosophy: Our Philosophy has always been that of changing perspectives. Here, at optimize media solution we place and market your brand in such a way that it marks a permanent place for itself in the market.
Strategy : We promote outsmarting your competition rather than outspending them. Which is why, we come up with innovations and creative concepts that are out of the box and yet cost effective.
Planning : We dive deep into your business, turn it upside down and inside out, reframe and restructure it to uncover unique insights. This involves extensive research, conceptualization, finalizing and execution. We offer all four.
Creativity : We Design the kind of campaigns that are unorthodox and hard to ignore for your market and leave them intrigued and interested in your product/service.

Fast and Reliable Solutions to Boost your business through Ads and Digitally

We help companies/Institute to Boost their Business through TV Commercial, F/M radio, Multiplex Advertisement, Digital Marketing, Website. We have many customers in different location in India.


TV advertisement is a span of television programming produced and paid for by an organization, A Message For Promoting.

F/M radio

Radio advertising can be an effective, low-cost medium through which a business can reach their target consumer.

Multiplex Advertisement

Plan your cinema campaign in targeted cinemas and increase the effective reach in your media plan. Cinema advertising is a great media-mix.


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Mission And Vision

Your business does not just grow and land in the sky overnight . You need to work good to reach the fame and the most precious is promoting your business.

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Optimize Media Solution is a family owned company with a tradition of a working environment that values honesty, integrity and fairness for each other, our clients, and our audience. We encourage the creative spirit to advance the interests of our audience and our clients. We respect personal responsibility for our actions, our ability to admit mistakes, and the courage to persist in adversity to achieve the goals of our company.

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Our vision for Optimize Media Solution is to be the leading media company for our audience, our clients, and the colleagues with whom we work in every community we serve. The mission for the company is to gather the largest and most desirable audience with our broadcast and digital platforms and enable our clients and partners to effectively advance their business and strategic interests through our products.

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